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International Admissions

At Pyramid College of Business and Technology (PCBT), we welcome students from all over the world who want to pursue quality education in India. One of our primary objectives is to bring together diverse cultures and ideologies to provide a global experience. And to accomplish this, we are committed to providing quality education to students from Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Burma, East Africa, and other parts of the world.

We are confident that your experience at Pyramid College will provide you with an immersive learning experience enriched with the knowledge and skills to become a globally recognized professional. However, before choosing Pyramid College as a founding place to build your illustrious career, please read the following instructions carefully.

Filling the Application form

  • As an international student, you must fill out the online application/registration form at for admission.
  • Make sure that your application form is duly filled and all supporting documents (if any) are uploaded in the online application form.
  • If your mark sheet or transcript is not in English, upload the attested copy in English along with the original.
  • If the result of the qualifying examination/class is not declared yet, please fill "Result Awaited" in the result status column.
  • Keep in mind that all official correspondence with the college can only be done through the application portal. So, please keep checking it regularly for updates.

Eligibility, Verification, and Issuance of Offer Letter (OL)

  • The admission schedule will be available at the college website: before the admission session (April or May).
  • As an international student, you must obtain an offer letter from the college before furthering admission in any of our programs.
  • To receive an offer letter, you will have to send the copy of your academic transcripts to the college. If you meet the eligibility criteria, the college will issue an offer letter to you.

Acceptance of terms of "Acceptance of Offer Letter" (AOL) and updating Fee Payment Information

You must accord to the terms and conditions of Acceptance of Offer Letter scribed in the portal while filling the particulars and ensure that you have read and understood all the guidelines/ policies and instructions mentioned on the College website before accepting the terms of Acceptance of Offer Letter.

Fee Payment and Compliance with conditions

You must fulfill all the conditions mentioned in the offer letter and acceptance letter and deposit the fee within the stipulated time frame to avoid delay or denial.

Issuance of Acceptance Letter (AL)

The college will issue the acceptance letter after receiving the Acceptance of Offer Letter, verification of fulfillment of all the conditions mentioned in the offer letter, and confirmation of the payment transfer details updated by you in the online application portal.

Visa Application

You can apply for a student visa with all supporting documents at the nearest Indian High Commission / Indian Embassy.

Reporting at the PCBT Campus

  • You must report to the Department of International Relations at the PCBT Campus before the date mentioned in the offer letter or the date available on the College website
  • Remember that you must report to the college before the last admission day; Otherwise, you will need special approval. The statutory body will take the final decision on your approval request.
  • On reporting after the last admission day, you will have to give an undertaking that you will not claim against the loss in attendance/marks/CA.

FRRO And Medical Exam Certificate

  • The FRRO is obligatory for all Overseas applicants (except the applicants from Nepal and Bhutan) studying in India. It has to be finalized within 2 weeks (14 days) of your arrival in India. You will also have to submit the copy of the FRRO to the college.
  • Before arriving in India, you must undergo a medical examination in your country for general fitness, HIV and yellow fever (in the case of African countries) and submit a copy of the report at the time of reporting. In case of any non-compliance, your admission may be cancelled, or any other action may be taken as deemed fit by the college/concerned government statutory bodies.

Visa Requirements and Guidelines

  • International Students seeking admission in PCBT must possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa (except in the case of nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who can enter India without a visa).
  • (Note: Nepalese nationals need a visa if entering India from China).
  • You must have an Indian student visa to study in India. 
  • You can apply for a visa in person or by post to the High Commission of India located in your country (or the country you intend to depart from). (In some high commissions/embassies, it is the student's responsibility to check with the embassy on the postal visa application)
  • You must mention the name of the college while applying for the visa.
  • Please ensure that your student visa has been endorsed to Pyramid College of Business and Technology by the visa issuing authority.
  • Requests for change of University or Institution made later cannot be entertained. In this case, you must go back to your country and apply for a new visa.
  • If you enter India based on the documents provided by the college, then it will be your responsibility to join and report directly to the college. 
  • Visa approved in the name of the college or based on college documents cannot be used for jobs, admission to any other college/institute/academy etc. or for non-regular distance/online study. 
  • Once you reach PCBT, you will need to have your visa verified by the college, and you will also need to submit a copy of your visa.
  • It will be your responsibility to verify that your visa remains valid during the period of your study. 
  • If you do not get the visa duration as per your program duration or if you are unable to complete the program within the stipulated time frame, you may have to apply for an extension of your visa before its validity expires. 
  • Please ensure that you have applied for your visa well in advance. Generally, it takes 3-8 weeks to get an Indian visa, so you are requested to apply for your visa according to this period. Consult Indian High Commission/Embassy if necessary. 
  • If you fail to report to the college within the stipulated time frame due to unavailability of visa/ticket or any such issue, you will not get any waiver regarding attendance/assignment/examination(s)/marks.
  • If you fail to attend within the stipulated time, you may be denied entry. In such cases, the fees/dues deposited by you will not be refunded, and no claim will be entertained for the expenses incurred for your travel/visa etc.
  • If you leave the country after enrolment, it is your sole responsibility to return to college on time.
  • If you are expelled/rusticated from the college or leave the program, you cannot stay in India based on PCBT documents. Instead, you have to submit an affidavit to the college undertaking to leave India immediately. 
  • If you do not have a valid VISA/FRRO or fail to follow the guidelines issued by the Government of India/Government of Punjab/college/any other authority, the college may refuse you to attend the classes.
  • You cannot hold the college responsible for the loss of your attendance/education or any such expenditure, you will be solely responsible for the same, and no exemption or benefit will be provided in such cases.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on data/information available on various public domains. It is the student's responsibility to comply with all visas or all other formalities as defined by the government from time to time. Therefore, you are requested to visit the Ministry of External Affairs website for the most updated information.

"The following questions will be helpful in getting accurate answers to your pre-determined questions regarding Indian student visa."

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