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Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide (HHA)

The Home Health Aide (HHA) course trains students to work as home aides providing basic nursing & personal care for patients, elderly people and people with disabilities. Besides, HHAs are also trained to support nurses and other healthcare professionals. The HHA training lays emphasis on ensuring that the comfort and safety of the patient are kept in mind at all times.

  • Certificate No: Home Health Aide (HSS/Q5102/241219/TC110396)
  • Duration : 360 hours(Classroom 240 hours, On-Job Training 120 hours)
  • Affiliation: Skill India, NSDC and HSSC
  • Eligibility: Preferably standard 10
  • QP Code: HSS/Q5102
  • JOB/WORK LOCATION: Individual/Private Homes, Old age homes, Nursing homes, Hospitals
Home Health Aide (HHA)

Home Health Aide Responsibilities

Help patients with individual cleanliness, dressing, washing, and other day by day assignments.

  • Perform essential human services administrations for patients including checking imperative signs or managing physician endorsed drugs.
  • Help with general light housekeeping.
  • Make transportation game plans to vary.
  • Make transportation game plans to vary.
  • Work with a medical caretaker, individual consideration helper, a CNA, nurture associate, nursing aide, and different parental figures and in-home consideration experts.
  • Observe and report on the understanding conditions.
  • Keep up with in-administration preparation.
  • Give fundamental individual consideration particularly to older and deadened patients in home settings
  • Give individual consideration, for example, washing, dressing, and prepping of patient
  • Screen or report changes in the wellbeing status of the patient
  • Help patients in their day by day assignments and recommended work out
  • Oversee the recommended drug on schedule

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