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General Duty Assistant

General Duty Assistant (GDA)

The General Duty Assistant (GDA) course trains students to work as nursing aides in hospitals, nursing homes and home care scenarios. As part of the curriculum, students learn how to provide basic nursing care and manage ill patients. The course involves 3 months of classroom training followed by 1-month on-job training. A GDA works in close collaboration with doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. The nursing assistant course lays special emphasis on inculcating empathetic and ethical behavior beyond patient care. Some of the key responsibilities of the General Duty Assistant are to provide daily care, look after the patient’s comfort, safety and health needs.

  • Certificate No: General Duty Assistant (HSS/Q5101/111219/TC110396)
  • Duration : 420 hours (Classroom 240 hours, On-Job Training 180 hours)
  • Affiliation: Skill India, NSDC and HSSC
  • QP Code: HSS/Q5101
  • JOB/WORK LOCATION: Hospitals, Old age homes, Patient’s homes, Community care centre’s
General Duty Assistant (GDA)

The Duties of a General Duty Assistant

 Clinical lab professionals
  • General Duty Assistants, ordinarily known as Nursing Care Assistants, Nursing Assistants, Nursing Aides, Bedside Assistants or Orderlies are required to deal with patients' day by day care, prescription, wellbeing and solace.
  • They are the ones who guarantee and keep up an appropriate domain for the patients during the recuperation time frame.
  • General Duty Assistants additionally ensure that the patients are taken care of with a solid and even eating regimen.

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