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Faculty Development Programme at PCBT

  • Posted on: 05th January 2019
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A one-day Faculty Development Programme was held at Pyramid College of Business & Technology, Phagwara on 5th Jan, 2019. The FDP aims to provide opportunities to faculty members to enrich their teaching skills. The Programme also intends to develop the knowledge for participating faculties for active and cooperative learning with advanced tools in their relevant field. The faculty members of Information Technology, Management, Hotel Management and Multimedia & Animation Department attended the FDP.

In this programme three resource persons Mr. Navdeep Singh, Head-Management Department, Ms. Sherry Chalotra, Head-Information Technology Department and Mr. Amarjeet, Assistant Professor, Management Department shared their views on trending topics in their respective fields.

Technical Sessions


An informative lecture on “Research Paper Writing” was taken by Mr. Amarjeet, Assistant Professor, and Management Department. He discussed the importance of research in the teaching field. He elucidated that as a researcher, it is mandatory for one to know the basics of how to do research. Therefore, he focused on purpose of research, research procedure, various tools used for writing a research paper to generate realistic results and an acceptable conclusion. The session contained, the aspects related to the literature review, framing of objectives, how to collect data, its analysis and finally framing it into a research paper. He inspired the participants to write research papers.


Ms. Sherry Chalotra, Head-Information Technology, delivered an enlightening lecture on “Search Engine Optimization”. She explored that Search engines provide a way of doing research on the Internet, and they can be effective tools. However, to use them effectively for research, one must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how and when to use them. Considering this, she started with various search engines and focused on the way of effective search. She shared the amazing facts of one of the biggest search engine Google. She further discussed the working of Google Search Engine and various products of Google. She summed up with the various do’s and do not’s while searching internet.


Mr. Navdeep Singh Thind, Head-Management Department delivered a lecture on “Emotional Intelligence”. He explained that Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. He discussed various emotional aspects with respect to working culture of individuals. In this session, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) differentiated from EQ (Emotional Quotient) in a detailed manner. An activity conducted in order to check the interpersonal commitment of an individual towards himself or herself. The session concluded with various methods to control emotions that may turn out to stress and depression later on.

All the sessions were very much informative. The discussed areas were of great benefit for the participants from the point of view of academics as well as working culture.

Dr. Sanjay Bahl, Director PCBT, concluded the programme with the views that high-quality professional training programs for faculty members have become essential in order to compete in ever-changing world as today the profession of teaching has become quite challenging and teachers are expected to be both effective teachers as well as researchers. Therefore, to be an effective teacher, one needs to be able to deliver the domain knowledge using the most suitable pedagogical tools with a strong emotional intelligence.

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