Pyramid College Celebrates Teacher’s Day, 2018

Saluting the teachers: Pyramid College Celebrates Teacher’s Day, 2018

  • Posted on: 05th September 2018
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"Teachers are the torch bearers of a nation’s growth and values". An ardent teacher has more influence in carving the life of an individual, at times even more than the parents.

To salute the efforts and hard work of the teachers towards the society, Pyramid College of Business & Technology, Phagwara celebrated Teacher’s Day to acknowledge the contribution of teachers, the nation builders and pay tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ,a great scholar, philosopher, and teacher of modern India.

On this occasion, Pyramid College invited eminent educationists who have made a mark in academic excellence, namely Prof. Dr. R.S Salaria, Mr. D.K Kaushal, Retd. Principal Jawahar Navodhya Vidyalaya & Mrs. Sudha Kaushal Retd. Principal Kendriye Vidyalaya.

The students organized a Grand Teachers’ Day celebration for the teachers where the event started with the lighting of ceremonial lamp. The students cleaned and decorated their classrooms in respect of the teaching environment alongwith various cultural performances which were hugely appreciated by one and all.

The management of the College was very kind to appreciate the hard work of the teachers and they also surprised the teachers with lovely gifts & Appreciation Awards.

The students were also awarded with certificates of appreciation for their commendable performances in Talent Hunt Competition and for the cleanest and decorated classrooms by the chief guests.

Dr. R.S Salaria addressed the students that the guidance of the teachers has the power to mould and shape the future of their students. He said teachers are the founders who shape responsible and civilized citizens for the society.

While expressing his views Mr. D.K Kaushal, termed ‘teachers as beacons of hope’, who should be encouraged by students and parents by expressing gratitude, respect and support to them.

Prof. Jatinder Singh Bedi, Chairman thanked the celebrated delegates for motivating the students with their pious presence and shared that a teacher has many roles to play, primary being a value provider to the students.

Dr. Sanjay Bahl Director, thanked the delegates, faculty and the students for their efforts in making the best of this day and also encouraged the audience to inculcate good moral values and respect for the teachers as they are the ones who shine upon the students so that a student can glow in the universe and achieve laurels.

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